Hello world!

Hello!  Welcome to my world!  Sometimes it’s a pretty crazy world, but here’s a little bit of info about myself…

So I consider myself a down-to-earth girl from Kansas who’s all grown up & still doesn’t  have it all figured out.  But a few things I am sure of:

1) The Creator of the Universe is Lord of my life.

2) My hubby of 15 years is priceless & worth every single thing we’ve gone through together.

3) Having four crazy (and wonderful) kids is definitely better than being an only child

4) Parents (blood & in-laws) are worth their weight in GOLD.

5) In a family of 6 “WATCH OUT”!!! Anything could happen next!

I’m glad you’re on this ride with me…so much to share…so many laughs to come…


I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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