Fancy/Vintage onesie with fabric tutu skirt & matching headband tutorial


In honor of my brother-in-law & sister-in-law’s new little girl, I set out to make the perfect gift.  Their style is a little off-beat & vintage, so I knew that preppy and cutting edge style was not the way to go.  After many long & enjoyable hours on Pinterst, along with my own creativity…TA DA:  Here it is, the cutest ever little outfit, along with some instructions that I hope you will find helpful!ImageImage

The first step is to find the size of waist you are going for, and cut your elastic to size, finishing it off by sewing the ends together.


Next, find the length you are wanting the skirt to be, and cut or tear the fabric or lace to be a little longer than twice that length. I was going for a vintage look, so I chose pale pink fabric, sheer fabric, and lace.  I “tore” the fabric, and cut the lace.  The peices do not have to be perfect, and it’s better if they are not!  Carefully fold your fabric over the elastic and tie a double knot under the elastic, being very careful not to tie it to tightly.  You want to have plenty of “give” in the skirt.  When finished, cut all ends at an angle & add embellishments…Image

The flower is created by taking strips of frayed fabric & twisting it while turning it.  At each turn, secure it with thread. When completed you may embellish it if you like.


The onesie is the simplest project I’ve ever done!  You simply find coordinating lace and sew as many layers as you like around the front of the neck-line.  I also made a headband by taking a piece of elasticized lace and securing the ends together & embellishing it with more fabric flowers and ribbons.


Just a little note that you may find helpful:  I pre-washed the onesie to avoid shrinkage & I also measured an old baby outfit in 3-6months (the size I was going for) to be sure the waist was the correct size.Image

I hope you have great success!

And here’s the expecting couple, as they open the outfit!  Makes it all worth the effort!


I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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