Is There a Happily Ever After?

Fifteen years ago tonight was a very busy night.  Decorating, eating steak cooked to perfection, enjoying my friends and family,practicing walking down the aisle of the church, spending one last night as “Jill Tracy”.  The very next day I would be marrying the most wonderful man in the world!

The next two and a half years were fabulous…more decorating, first an apartment, then a cute little duplex, and then a baby’s room.  Beautiful Brayden entered our lives, and we were off to the things fairy tales were made of…and then it happened…LIFE hit us like a grenade explosion in the middle of a quiet, sun-lit garden. One entire year of horrid…and horrid it was!  You’ve seen it, when horrid explodes all over a marriage, but what happens next is what separates the weak from the strong.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to walk away and start over fresh? Well now, just remember this, you take yourself along.  So how “fresh” is it really, if you take half of the problem with you? An amazing godly woman, who was married for decades to a devoted man, gave me some very wise advice.  she cautioned me to realized that divorce is no party.  There is no such thing as starting over fresh.  No new start. After all, nothing would be the same.  All family relationships would be ruined. Parent/ child, grandparent/ child…nothing would be the same.  Every other weekend?  Every other holiday?  Seriously? Wow!  This starting over fresh thing was starting to sound “not so fresh” after all.

So, what to do?  Well, I’d always believed in marriage, always believed that God in HIS sovereignty could hold together what was HIS to begin with. And that’s where all of the “miracle people” came in.  They began to come forward  one by one, people who had gone through their own brand of horrid…and survived.  But, survive? Is that really what anyone wants…just to survive?  OF COURSE NOT!  These couples weren’t people who were just making it through day by day-they were incredibly happy, deeply in love people!  And that’s when we began to believe it might be possible…

And possible it was…we began to climb up out of the pit to a beautiful place, a happy marriage.  And the years began to go by…three more babies…a new house…and we celebrated each event, knowing where we had come from.  So many beautiful memories.  Murlin started hunting, and yes, we celebrate each deer!  The boys began to play sports..ALOT of sports, and yes,their Daddy coaches almost everything.  The holidays are spent with both of our parents and all of our children-together.

And all of this brings us to the present, because you see, tomorrow my hubby and I will be celebrating FIFTEEN years of marriage.  And not just any marriage-we didn’t just “survive”.  A beautiful marriage, filled with love and laughter, enjoying each-other, our children, our parents…and all of it together!

So I guess it’s time to answer that little question…that one at the top of the post…”Is there a happily ever after?”  And my answer for you? Yes…but only for the strong.  But the good news is…anyone can be strong…if they choose to be!


5 thoughts on “Is There a Happily Ever After?

  1. Reblogged this on javawithjill and commented:

    It’s that time of year again-our anniversary! Woo hoo! Sixteen years! But early on in our marriage there were some very dark days. Last year I shared our testimony, and I want to share it again. If you are in need of help in your marriage and would like resources, feel free to ask. I hope this is a blessing to you!

  2. And a beautiful wedding it was! Thank you for sharing and encouraging others with your story Jill! God has a perfect plan – if only we will follow. You are a sweet couple. May God be glorified in you! (Both, Together!)

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