Leading the Way

first parker mowing picLife with three sons can provide a rather comical existance on some days.  I’ve kind of learned to go with the flow, and enjoy all of the silly little moments.  I’m never quite sure what’s coming next, and each time one of the boys learns a new skill, I stand proud and terrified all in the same breath.  But sometimes it’s actually me that learns from these moments.  However, I must admit, I certainly never thought I would be learning anything from Parker learning to mow.

Now, in order to understand this story, you must understand Parker.  Parker is a burst of energy…all of the time: awake, asleep, while eating, pitching the baseball, playing….absolutely anything Parker does is full force. He certainly adds alot of drama to the family, and we have learned to love his drama. He is precious to us. Before Parker, the term ADHD didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I had a friend when I was a teenager who had ADHD, and everyone absolutely loved him. As an adult, that individual has been extoardinarily successful-he seems to have something extra about him that drives him to strive for more than the rest of society. I do remember that friend, in his teenage years, being quite the risk taker. That’s my Parker. He doesn’t just jump-he FLIES! What a funny boy.

Fast forward to the day Daddy decided it was time for Parker to drive the riding lawn mower…OH MY! Even my extremely cautious and responsible Brayden had issues with the riding lawn mower. He got stuck in reverse when he was first learning, and almost backed off of a hill! My mind was full of horror. I could just see Parker accidentally mowing over a brother or sister, driving through the woods and crashing. I just said a prayer and decided to hide in the house and clean. It made me too nervous, so I just decided to trust my husband with him. But after a while, I just had to peek…

And there I saw one of the most precious sights I’ve ever seen. Parker and his Daddy going round and round and round the yard together. Daddy leading the way, Parker following. Now this wouldn’t have been necessary for my other sons, but with Parker’s fleeting attention span, his Dad knew he needed to be patient with him.

As I watched them going around…and around…I couldn’t help but think of the patience our Heavenly Father has with us. It must be a real trip teaching us life lessons…some of us aren’t so great at paying attention. But HE doesn’t give up. He is persistent. He is patient. He is with us until we DO learn what it is we need to learn. (Psalm 73:23-24) “You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel.”

As I took one last look at Father and son, I was now in tears. This strong and not so emotional Dad had just exemplified compassion and patience in a way his son would never forget. And in this moment, I’d learned a little something too.


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