My Big Decision


My sweet little babies…I remeber the day this picture was taken.  The boys were 5,6 & 8 years old, and Delaney was only one.   It seems like forever ago, although it’s only four years ago. One might say that the phrase “They grow up too fast” is oversaid, but lately I’m really identifying with that statement.   My little Delaney will be off to Kindergarten in just two days, and Brayden, my oldest, will be in 7th grade.  Payton and Parker will be in 4th and 5th-still children, I know, but the moments are fleeting! Moments that I began to realize, I was missing.

I was so excited, several years ago, when after years and years of babysitting and being home with teensy, tiny little people, I was hired to work at the very school my children go to.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me, and eye opening in many ways.  I loved getting to know the very ladies who had had such an impact in my children’s lives.  I actually felt like I could make a difference, and for a few years, it was perfect for our family.  This last year, however, my family seemed to be transitioning, and suddenly life didn’t seem so exciting. Three boys in sports, and Delaney in gymnastics, meant that basically we were gone every night (after being gone all day).  This is where I began to be quite dissatisfied with myself.  I’ve always considered myself a very friendly and outgoing person, but as I began to be completely overwhelmed with life (and I found myself behind with nearly all of my home responsibilities) I didn’t even feel like myself.  Yikes!  I began to panic-it will only get busier…Is it really worth it?  Is making a small, supplementary income, worth not even liking myself?  Is it worth not being the kind, loving mother that my kids deserve? Is it worth driving my husband crazy by spazzing out over the house not being as organized as I would like?

And just what was I missing?


This is what I was missing…those little moments.  Those moments that are fleeting, that you can never get back.  Oh sure, I was “there” for these moments.  But I had quit enjoying them.  So that’s how I made this decision-a life changing decision to be sure.  I quit my job (a job I loved) to be a better wife & mother.  I still expect to be very involved in the school in many ways, but I’m making the sacrifice to stay home and do a better job of being me.

So later this week when four tired kids come home from school, I will be ready for them..ready with snacks…ready to help with home-work…ready to listen…ready to enjoy my kids, because after all “they won’t stay little forever”!

So that’s how this blog got started-it was on my list of “to do’s” when I had more time.  I am so excited about all of the things I’m going to be doing. I plan to explore all kinds of money saving ideas, and don’t worry-I will be sharing those with you!  I have many “how-to’s” and tutorials planned for the near future, and tons of cost saving tips (because I’m going to need them!).  Coming soon…Meals on the cheap!  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “My Big Decision

  1. Thanks so much for putting into words the hard (but so easy) decision I made today to quit my job and stay home with my two kiddos. Time goes too fast to not enjoy the only years we will ever have with them as toddlers, preschoolers, etc.

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