A Father’s Day Gift of Love & Hard Work-An Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living spaceI can’t express how sick and tired I have been, of looking out my kitchen window and seeing my naked patio (complete with craked concrete and ugly, old, faded, green, plastic chairs). I’m sure it didn’t help that the dogs have created a permanent “path” just beyond the patio, where they run from one end of the yard to the other. But being a family who likes to spend time together, and loves to be outside, it was time to do something about it! With Father’s Day (and my hubby’s birthday) fast approaching,I devised a plan that I was pretty sure my kiddo’s & I (with my parent’s help) could make a reality. I’m a HUGE do-it-yourself kind of girl-it’s how I was raised-I can’t help it! So with a garage-sale-find picnic table, some cheap lumber, a TON of Rustoleum, misc. items in my blue & green color scheme, we were off to my parent’s house to create…create…create…

pallet coffee table

Pallet coffee table, constructed with a simple pallet and landscaping timbers for legs, and topped off with Rustoleum.

family art

“FAMILY” art, made with a piece of plywood, painted with the chevron design and stenciled letters.  It’s not my first chevron art piece, so I knew what was involved.  It took about an hour & added such a “pop” of color and design!  The dishes and cups were another bargain-purchased for $5 for service for 8!!! Such  a great deal, makes me want to shout “woo hoo”!

bbq prep tableThe BBQ prep table was super easy, and turned out great.  It was constructed with a simple board and land-scaping timbers for legs, and topped off with more Rustoleum.  The baskets were found at a garage sale, and accessorized with grilling tools. A scrap piece of fencing was used for more colorful art (“EAT”).

candle sticks and herb box

The candlesticks and planters may possibly be my favorite part of the entire project-so fun and easy for the kids to make!  The candlesticks were constructed from one porch spindle, purchased for about $2.50, and topped off with scrap wood for the tops and bottoms, and a simple nail on top to keep the candles in place.  The planters were made from two fence pieces, and only about $2 each.  We then painted, and sanded them for an added touch of rustic charm!

big picThe table was the big find of the project.  Originally, the plan was to build a farm-house table, but this garage-sale-find picnic table came in handy instead.  It turned out to be quite a bit of work (termites had to be eradicated, and two legs replaced), but well worth it, and with Rustoleum to match the other pieces, it worked out perfectly!

My hubby was “over-whelmed” (his words), so much fun family time to come…but now for the back story…

papa and brayden working

parker and payton building the candle sticks

delaney scraping paint

grandpa and parker

delaney  working

These kiddos can be very proud of their hard work!!!

big pic

Time to enjoy!


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