Grow With Me TuTu Outfit Tutorial

another spliced picOk, so in our town you’ve just GOT to be a Comet fan. Marionville Comets-that’s right folks-my kids are Comets. So, when a friend recently had a baby (and that baby has 4 siblings who are already playing sports) I just had to make her her first Marionville Comet outfit. So out came the sewing machine…ha ha! Just kidding! This is a delightful NO SEW tutorial! Get ready to have some fun…


I purchased a roll of tulle.  I used a beautiful, silver color.  I’ve made tutu’s before with tulle, and my previous experience is why I will NEVER buy it in large quantities and cut it into strips… let’s face it, moms like me do not have 6 hrs. of spare time to make a silly tutu!  This nice little spool made my job short and sweet!  I cut it into 14″ pieces.  This is adjustable, based on how big of a child you are making this for.  I am making a “grow with me tutu”, designed to fit a new-born to one year old.

tying tutu

I attached the tulle to a simple crocheted headband (Comet blue of course), by tying it.  I simply slipped a folded strip through a hole, and slipped the end of the tulle through the folded center.  You could also knot it, if you prefer.  I did not go through every hole-I went approximately every-other.

just tutu

Oh the cuteness!  I can’t stand it!!! This tutu can be worn by a newborn-3 month old as a skirt.  Later, leggings can be added for an older baby.  The waist is very stretchy, so even a cute little chubby tummy can fit into it!

back of bow

I attatched the bow with a clip-style barrette, so it can be removed to be laundered. The tutu should be washed separately in cold water & hung to dry.

just bow and tutu

comet outfit spliced maybe 1

I embellished the onesie with a smaller bow, which I attatched to the onesie with a safety-pin.  I attached the pin to the bow by hot-gluing a ribbon over it & onto the bow, the same way you would attach a barrette to the back of a hair-bow.  Sooooo easy!  And now, the bow is removable, and can be attached to larger onesie’s or t-shirts, as the baby grows! It also can be removed when the onesie is laundered.

three bows pic

The hair-bow was made to coordinate, and attached to a crocheted headband by a barrette.  It also is removable, so as the child grows, it can be removed and worn separate from the headband.

full outfit pic number 1

Go Comets!


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