Athens VBS at Word of Life Church

vbs word of life church
Last week was a big week for Word of life church-VBS 2013! It was such a success, as we reached so many children in our community with the wonderful message of God’s love. The prep started months ago, as our wonderful Kid’s Ministry Director, Sami Young put hours of planning, preparation, and prayer into this power-packed week of ministry. I’m a design lover, so I began to hunt for the perfect way to turn our non-traditional church into Athens, Greece. We were so very blessed when a friend from another church provided a faux, brick wall that had originated from Silver Dollar City! It was a little easier said than done, as it came in four, ten and a half foot rough sections…but my sweet hubby came through for me, helping me pick it up and transport it.  Then came the real fun…sawing, sawing, and even more sawing of the THICKEST styrofoam I’ve ever seen!  Wow, not something I’m ever again hoping to do, but so worth it.  After that Delaney and I touched up the paint on the fronts of the walls & edged out all of the sides that would be visible.  Then, we set it up-right in our own back-yard-just to see if it looked anything like the stone structures in Athens…Whew!  It did!

vbs creating the set

Here is a pictorial summary of this delightful week!

vbs athens window

Athen’s window to the sea…

vbs mural

Lovely mural painted by my friend Tiffany

vbs enterance

The entry-way where very excited children came through to hear the gospel each night!

vbs other athens view

The Athens stage (love the lighting Pastor Kevin!)

vbs marketplace

The market-place, thanks to so many workers, as well as many women who were willing to part with decor from their own homes for the week we borrowed it!

vbs fishers of men

The Fishers of men transformation for our baptismal area-great idea Sami!

vbs paul's tent

Paul’s tent.  Athens VBS is all centered around Paul’s dangerous journey to share God’s love.  The children spent the week experiencing Paul’s stop in Athens, Greece.  Each night they would “crawl” into Paul’s tent where “Paul” shared God’s love with them!

vbs paul

Paul did such a wonderful job!

vbs dionesias

Dionysus, waiting to go into Paul’s tent…another great volunteer!

vbs sami

Sami, our amazing Kid’s Ministry Director!

vbs worship

My favorite part of the night, leading the kiddos in worship!

vbs singing

The kids loved “Yes It’s True”, our theme song!  We tended to go a little wild over this one!

vbs marketplace

vbs marketplace

More market-place fun.

vbs more marketplaceEven more market-place fun-so many wonderful volunteers behind all of this.

vbs prayingThe last night was very special for so many reasons, but most of all because it was the night Paul gave an altar call.  We were able to pray with the children-some  wanted prayer for their families, and some gave their lives to Christ!

vbs parents

We invited the parents to come back about 15 minutes early, so they could be part of our ending worship service.  What a wonderful week!

vbs word of life church

And thanks to countless volunteers (even some parents stayed and helped), Word of Life was ready for Sunday services in a little over an hour!

visit our church website to see what God is doing in our church and community!


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