Planning a Party Using Free Printables from Pinterest

Parties are super fun, but let’s face it-they can be very expensive.  Pinterest is great for providing ideas to throw incredible parties, but I’ve found myself spending much more than I intended on some great Pinterest idea.  So my mission this summer, was to see if I could host parties using Pinterest “free printables”.  My goal was to spend $20 or less on the entire party…Is it possible?  YES!  Here are two of my experimental Pinterest (free printables) parties:

Football Party:

football table piccookies and wter bottlescandy 1 w football wrappersfootball water bottlefootball table decorfootball guys

candy 3candy 2

The “football wrappers” on the water bottles & on the willie wonka sugar packs, are actually hot-dog wrappers, and can be located through this link:

The cup-cake/ cookie toppers can be located through this link:

The bunting and sign can be found at this link:

To add a little bit of excitement to the party, you can see that I added a candy buffet; which was a huge success!

The Basketball party was also a hit!

basketball tabledress up durantcups and cookies awesomecookiescupswhole tablehanging decorcookies and cups

I had to be a bit more creative in finding printable basketball items.  Most of the basketball party printables are for purchase only, but I did find a few.  I was able to make it work by being creative, and piecing together several different items.

The cute little “Dress Up Durant” art was actually from ESPN:

The cup-cake/cookie toppers, I also used on the cups!:

The bunting, I made by printing a basketball scrap-book paper & cutting it myself.

The sign was actually a greeting card that I re-sized and printed as a picture:


The cookies were a great replacement for cup-cakes & they were SUPER EASY!

Reeces Peanut Butter Cup Cookies:

1-devil’s food cake mix


1/2 cup oil

1/3 cup apple sauce

MIX together

add one entire bag of peanut butter chips

Bake @ 350 degrees for roughly 15 min.  Check after 10min.

I hope you will check out my Pinterest board to check out tons of more FREE PARTY PRINTABLES! , as well as my other board PRINT IT BABY

Coming soon, will be my post, “A Vintage Back to School Party, Betsy McCall Style!”. Stay posted to see my latest party, hosted for my little first-grade daughter, as she and her friends celebrated the beginning of school…Betsy McCall style!


I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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