BBQ Potato-Easy & Delicious

famous dave potatoMy family absolutely loves Famous Dave’s restaurants, because they are huge BBQ lovers!  My personal favorite dish there is their BBQ baked potato.  I love it so much, that I have experimented with my own version of this yummy dish…and here are the results:


baked potato


shredded cheddar cheese

sliced brisket or shredded pork or ham ( I usually use deli shaved ham)

BBQ sauce

sour cream & green onions (optional)


*Bake the potato & coat with butter & salt.  I like to slice the potatos into 1″ thick slices & arrange on plate

top with butter & shredded cheese-(lightly salt the potato, butter & cheese)

combine brisket (or shredded pork or shredded deli shaved ham) with BBQ sauce & heat

Add the BBQ meat to the potato

top with a light additional drizzle of BBQ sauce

If desired, add sour cream & green onions



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