DIY Wedding Reception Decor

wedding blog pic

My lovely friend recently got married, and I was privileged to coordinate the decorations for the reception.  The funny part of this story is that I wasn’t fully aware I was doing all of the decorations until 2&1/2 weeks before the ceremony!  Panic ensued, followed by many deep breaths…and then a plan.  The reception was in a church multi-purpose gymnasium, so I knew it was a huge and not-so-beautiful space to begin with.  I thought I would share how we pulled it all together for roughly $60!  That’s right-$60 for table coverings, decor, centerpieces, candles, banners, etc. It came together quickly and it was absolutely beautiful.

Centerpiece  Each centerpiece had six tissue poms hung  from twigs and they were stabilized in antique, quart-sized jars.

centerpiece close-up   Small hearts were cut out of the pages of an old book, and hung with twine.  The hearts added just the right finishing touch to the centerpieces.centerpiece jarcenterpiece with jars I used clear and teal pint sized jars, wrapping them with scrap-book paper.  I cut hearts out of the paper.  "floating candle" jars A small amount of water was placed in the jars, and  floating candles were added to the jars.  The heart cut-outs were lovely, allowing the candles to softly glow.jar closeup I made three buntings with scrap-book paper and old book pages.bunting for the gift tableI layered the different papers and book pages, and then wove the ribbon through holes in the top of the bunting.
closeup of buntingthirteen

The bunting for the Bride and Groom’s table was stenciled with “Mr. & Mrs.”

Mr and Mrs bunting
cake table bunting twelve

reception My friend was so beautiful!  I just had to have a quick pic taken of us!


wedding blog pic


My Sweet Valentines…

Well, it rolled around quickly, the last year our youngest son will distribute Valentines or make a Valentine box..sniff, sniff. So bring on the crazy Mommy! Payton picked out the Army theme, and we found great printables off of Pinterest. Then I rounded up a small green army, found camo fabric for the box, raided the mostly quiet-these-days toy chest & this Mama went to work. The result is a super happy  boy! Next year he will be one of those grown up middle school boys-but today he is still my little boy. And then there is the sweet little sister-no worries-many more Valentine parties ahead for sweet little Delaney! “Wild About You” is the theme we went with, and we found the cutest little printable Valentines on Pinterest. We completed those little babies with “wild” animals & a lovely, sparkly, pink, wild Valentine box. It really helps to have all of those hair-bow supplies at a time like this!

So here’s the result…so much cuteness!
Delaney with box 1

Notice that Delaney dressed in her “wild” theme as well..Mommy & daughter really get into their themes!delaneys box 2

Delaneys box 3

delaneys box 4

delaneys box 5

Here’s a link to the blog that is offering this super cute FREE printable:

Delaneys box 6

payton with box

My littlest man!
paytons box 3

Here’s a link to the blog that is offering this adorable FREE printable:

paytons box 4

paytons box1

paytons box2

Making A (quick & easy) Delicious Cup of Chai Tea

closeup chai teaA chilly fall evening…the perfect occasion for a delicious cup of Chai Tea…but I’ve found that chai tea mixes are quite pricey!  So I recently went on a hunt (Pinterest style…) for a recipe for chai tea mixes, and I found that most of the mixes required an extensive list of ingredients…most of which most of us don’t keep on hand.  I deducted that it would likely be just as cost-effective to buy the expensive mix!  So I set off on a mission to use what I had on hand (only 6 ingredients!!) and make a cup for myself.  The results…Delicious!

Here’s my recipe:

one tea bag, one cup of water, 3/4 cup of milk, 1tsp. cinnamon, 1 Tbs. sugar, and 1&1/2 Tbs liquid flavored coffee creamer (vanilla, caramel,cinnamon flavored etc.  It’s really up to you…most good flavored coffee creamers would work perfectly!)

Directions: Place tea bag in one cup hot water & brew a “strong” cup of tea.  Add the cinnamon and sugar to the hot water and stir vigorously!  This step is important, because you want to fully dissolve the cinnamon in the hot water. Add the milk and creamer.  Stir once again, and heat to desired temperature.  Stir vigorously once again…

Enjoy your perfect cup of inexpensive Chai Tea!

A Vintage Back to School Party, Betsy McCall Style!

First grade was coming for my little girl…no stopping it, so why not celebrate it?  She had a blast with three special friends, and we celebrated in style!  I found a delightful vintage print of the paper doll series “Betsy McCall”, entitled “Betsy McCall goes to School”.  I added some modern touches, complete with some free printables.  Here’s our fun little party:angled over head shotoverhead shot of tableplace settingslip strawsfavor bagscookiesfavor treatsangled over head shotbetsy mccall goes to schoolhanging decorgirls w lip strawsoverhead shottable shot pretty

We had a blast!  Here is the link to the lovely free printables that we were able to use for the party:    These were wonderful & can be found on the blog Emmy+Gabby.

Here is the link for the cute “straw lips”:  What a delightful, whimsical touch! They can be located at


My little sweetie had a wonderful time!  Here’s a pic of Delaney on her first day of FIRST GRADE!DelaneyCheck out my Pinterest boards for many great Free Printables!

Planning a Party Using Free Printables from Pinterest

Parties are super fun, but let’s face it-they can be very expensive.  Pinterest is great for providing ideas to throw incredible parties, but I’ve found myself spending much more than I intended on some great Pinterest idea.  So my mission this summer, was to see if I could host parties using Pinterest “free printables”.  My goal was to spend $20 or less on the entire party…Is it possible?  YES!  Here are two of my experimental Pinterest (free printables) parties:

Football Party:

football table piccookies and wter bottlescandy 1 w football wrappersfootball water bottlefootball table decorfootball guys

candy 3candy 2

The “football wrappers” on the water bottles & on the willie wonka sugar packs, are actually hot-dog wrappers, and can be located through this link:

The cup-cake/ cookie toppers can be located through this link:

The bunting and sign can be found at this link:

To add a little bit of excitement to the party, you can see that I added a candy buffet; which was a huge success!

The Basketball party was also a hit!

basketball tabledress up durantcups and cookies awesomecookiescupswhole tablehanging decorcookies and cups

I had to be a bit more creative in finding printable basketball items.  Most of the basketball party printables are for purchase only, but I did find a few.  I was able to make it work by being creative, and piecing together several different items.

The cute little “Dress Up Durant” art was actually from ESPN:

The cup-cake/cookie toppers, I also used on the cups!:

The bunting, I made by printing a basketball scrap-book paper & cutting it myself.

The sign was actually a greeting card that I re-sized and printed as a picture:


The cookies were a great replacement for cup-cakes & they were SUPER EASY!

Reeces Peanut Butter Cup Cookies:

1-devil’s food cake mix


1/2 cup oil

1/3 cup apple sauce

MIX together

add one entire bag of peanut butter chips

Bake @ 350 degrees for roughly 15 min.  Check after 10min.

I hope you will check out my Pinterest board to check out tons of more FREE PARTY PRINTABLES! , as well as my other board PRINT IT BABY

Coming soon, will be my post, “A Vintage Back to School Party, Betsy McCall Style!”. Stay posted to see my latest party, hosted for my little first-grade daughter, as she and her friends celebrated the beginning of school…Betsy McCall style!

Grow With Me TuTu Outfit Tutorial

another spliced picOk, so in our town you’ve just GOT to be a Comet fan. Marionville Comets-that’s right folks-my kids are Comets. So, when a friend recently had a baby (and that baby has 4 siblings who are already playing sports) I just had to make her her first Marionville Comet outfit. So out came the sewing machine…ha ha! Just kidding! This is a delightful NO SEW tutorial! Get ready to have some fun…


I purchased a roll of tulle.  I used a beautiful, silver color.  I’ve made tutu’s before with tulle, and my previous experience is why I will NEVER buy it in large quantities and cut it into strips… let’s face it, moms like me do not have 6 hrs. of spare time to make a silly tutu!  This nice little spool made my job short and sweet!  I cut it into 14″ pieces.  This is adjustable, based on how big of a child you are making this for.  I am making a “grow with me tutu”, designed to fit a new-born to one year old.

tying tutu

I attached the tulle to a simple crocheted headband (Comet blue of course), by tying it.  I simply slipped a folded strip through a hole, and slipped the end of the tulle through the folded center.  You could also knot it, if you prefer.  I did not go through every hole-I went approximately every-other.

just tutu

Oh the cuteness!  I can’t stand it!!! This tutu can be worn by a newborn-3 month old as a skirt.  Later, leggings can be added for an older baby.  The waist is very stretchy, so even a cute little chubby tummy can fit into it!

back of bow

I attatched the bow with a clip-style barrette, so it can be removed to be laundered. The tutu should be washed separately in cold water & hung to dry.

just bow and tutu

comet outfit spliced maybe 1

I embellished the onesie with a smaller bow, which I attatched to the onesie with a safety-pin.  I attached the pin to the bow by hot-gluing a ribbon over it & onto the bow, the same way you would attach a barrette to the back of a hair-bow.  Sooooo easy!  And now, the bow is removable, and can be attached to larger onesie’s or t-shirts, as the baby grows! It also can be removed when the onesie is laundered.

three bows pic

The hair-bow was made to coordinate, and attached to a crocheted headband by a barrette.  It also is removable, so as the child grows, it can be removed and worn separate from the headband.

full outfit pic number 1

Go Comets!