DIY Wedding Reception Decor

wedding blog pic

My lovely friend recently got married, and I was privileged to coordinate the decorations for the reception.  The funny part of this story is that I wasn’t fully aware I was doing all of the decorations until 2&1/2 weeks before the ceremony!  Panic ensued, followed by many deep breaths…and then a plan.  The reception was in a church multi-purpose gymnasium, so I knew it was a huge and not-so-beautiful space to begin with.  I thought I would share how we pulled it all together for roughly $60!  That’s right-$60 for table coverings, decor, centerpieces, candles, banners, etc. It came together quickly and it was absolutely beautiful.

Centerpiece  Each centerpiece had six tissue poms hung  from twigs and they were stabilized in antique, quart-sized jars.

centerpiece close-up   Small hearts were cut out of the pages of an old book, and hung with twine.  The hearts added just the right finishing touch to the centerpieces.centerpiece jarcenterpiece with jars I used clear and teal pint sized jars, wrapping them with scrap-book paper.  I cut hearts out of the paper.  "floating candle" jars A small amount of water was placed in the jars, and  floating candles were added to the jars.  The heart cut-outs were lovely, allowing the candles to softly glow.jar closeup I made three buntings with scrap-book paper and old book pages.bunting for the gift tableI layered the different papers and book pages, and then wove the ribbon through holes in the top of the bunting.
closeup of buntingthirteen

The bunting for the Bride and Groom’s table was stenciled with “Mr. & Mrs.”

Mr and Mrs bunting
cake table bunting twelve

reception My friend was so beautiful!  I just had to have a quick pic taken of us!


wedding blog pic


A Land Where Accidents Don’t Exist/ Living in a Society Without Mercy

mercy blog pic of farm
Little Joe. A name I’ve grown familiar with, but whom I’ve never met-never could meet.  Joe is my father’s older brother, who never got the opportunity to be “older”.  A couple of months before my father was born, Joe was tragically killed, in what was undeniably an accident.  Now in their seventy’s, Joe’s living siblings still talk about him…reminisce…wonder “what if”…

This family was a hard-working farm family, who’s children learned to toil from sun-up to sun-down from the mature age of seven.  As an older teen was called away to help the father in the field, the little siblings were momentarily unattended.  That’s the moment that it happened-that regretful moment that cannot be gotten back. Joe wandered away and fell into a milk depository on the farm, and sadly his little life was lost-but not forgotten.

In recent years, Joe’s name has come up many times.  Each time that I hear it I am struck with a nagging feeling, and it has caused me to reflect on the society in which Joe died and the stark contrast to the society we live in today. Undeniably, Joe’s death was an accident. Period.  No one would ever suggest otherwise.  But similar events in recent times, have met with very different endings, because we now live in a society that cannot accept anything as an accident.  In fact, our society demands blood, punishment, an eye for an eye. The world we are now engaged in, refuses to look into a tragedy and extend mercy.  Mercy, it would seem, simply does not exist-or at least it’s rarely thought to be appropriate to administer it. But is an unmerciful approach correct, simply because it’s what we are becoming accustomed to in the land we now live?

Let’s look at a similar situation with incredibly different results.  I remember a dad charged with the death of his son, just a few short years ago, because of a tragic situation.  The dad, a minister, went to the church where he served, with his toddler son in the back-seat, strapped into his car-seat.  He arrived at the church, and in the habit of going to the church alone, he went into the church-completely forgetting his little boy.  Unfortunately, his little boy died a terrible death. It must have been an unimaginable pain for that family to bear. Apparently it wasn’t considered enough pain by the local prosecutor’s office, because soon that dad (who had no criminal history and was a wonderful husband and father by all accounts) was brought up on criminal charges. No mercy. No wrong unpunished. No death un-avenged. No such thing as accidents…immediately my mind went to little Joe and his family all those years ago. How different that innocent tragedy would have been had it happened today. Is it appropriate to force the letter of the law into a tragic situation that is not criminal in nature? I would humbly suggest it is not appropriate or even beneficial to the family or our society at large.

I can’t help but think of recent criminal cases. Because sometimes events occur that are not accidental in nature. Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally a law is broken, and pain is unloaded on someone who didn’t deserve to be hurt. When this type of pain occurs, we want justice!  Or do we? Is what we are truly after really something more like…revenge? Is it really justice that we are seeking? Or are we truly seeking blood, are we secretly feeding an inner hate? As Christians, it is important to look at what our inner motivation is, but also to explore the idea of mercy. Jesus administered mercy. Remember the woman at the well? Living in sin, clearly an adulterous woman with a very tangled web of immorality, this woman was forgiven by Jesus. His followers were fine with her being forgiven, but then Jesus did something unimaginable to them…he ACCEPTED her! Accepted her as a believer, accepted her as a follower, accepted her as a (gasp!) friend. And what about that scrawny little man hiding in a tree? That annoying, tax-collector Zaccheas. Jesus also forgave and be-friended him-even going to his home! And then there is the big one…DAVID, the man after God’s own heart. Wait! He was a murderer! He was an adulterer! He was an egotistical law breaker! But God had mercy on David. God forgave him, and inserted David into the blood line of his own son, Jesus! But is it realistic to accept mercy in modern, criminal cases? Is it appropriate to administer mercy or allow a convicted criminal to walk, having served less than the law would allow, or to welcome with open arms someone who previously has lived a criminal existence? Let’s look at some modern examples.

Chuck Colson, special counsel to Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal, was imprisoned in 1974, and served seven months in a federal prison. He came out of prison a changed man. He became a Christian, devoted his life to ministry and founded a prison ministry that is still in existence today. Though he has now gone to his heavenly home, his ministry to hundreds of thousands of Americans, incarcerated and free alike, show that a tainted past is not an effective means of measuring one’s ability to serve or make a difference in our society. Imagine if he had never been given a second chance.

Troy Hartman, a Pastor at a successful church in the mid-west, has impacted thousands of young lives. But several years earlier, Troy was a young college student, living a pretty non-committed existence, when he drove under the influence of alcohol, crashing his Ford Explorer and killing his best friend, Matthew Jones.  Just days after this tragedy, Matthew’s mother spoke to Troy and told him that she loved him and she forgave him!  Matthew’s family welcomed Troy at the funeral with opened arms. What a lovely picture of forgiveness!  But wait!  There’s more…she told him to forgive himself, and that God could bring good from the tragic death of her son.  To this day, the families remain in close, family-like contact.  THIS is what mercy looks like.  THIS is what forgiveness looks like.

A merciful response to life’s low-points is my challenge to you and to myself.  It’s so easy to pass judgement.  It’s so natural to want revenge, but God has shown us in His word the example of mercy.  Unmerited favor.  Undeserved kindness and forgiveness.  Little Joe’s death is my personal reminder that in the big picture of life, tragedy and mistakes are inevitable.  His legacy lives on, paving the way for a priceless lesson in extending mercy to our fellow man.

Photography by Lynda Magley Wikipedia:Charles Colson

A Father’s Day Gift of Love & Hard Work-An Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living spaceI can’t express how sick and tired I have been, of looking out my kitchen window and seeing my naked patio (complete with craked concrete and ugly, old, faded, green, plastic chairs). I’m sure it didn’t help that the dogs have created a permanent “path” just beyond the patio, where they run from one end of the yard to the other. But being a family who likes to spend time together, and loves to be outside, it was time to do something about it! With Father’s Day (and my hubby’s birthday) fast approaching,I devised a plan that I was pretty sure my kiddo’s & I (with my parent’s help) could make a reality. I’m a HUGE do-it-yourself kind of girl-it’s how I was raised-I can’t help it! So with a garage-sale-find picnic table, some cheap lumber, a TON of Rustoleum, misc. items in my blue & green color scheme, we were off to my parent’s house to create…create…create…

pallet coffee table

Pallet coffee table, constructed with a simple pallet and landscaping timbers for legs, and topped off with Rustoleum.

family art

“FAMILY” art, made with a piece of plywood, painted with the chevron design and stenciled letters.  It’s not my first chevron art piece, so I knew what was involved.  It took about an hour & added such a “pop” of color and design!  The dishes and cups were another bargain-purchased for $5 for service for 8!!! Such  a great deal, makes me want to shout “woo hoo”!

bbq prep tableThe BBQ prep table was super easy, and turned out great.  It was constructed with a simple board and land-scaping timbers for legs, and topped off with more Rustoleum.  The baskets were found at a garage sale, and accessorized with grilling tools. A scrap piece of fencing was used for more colorful art (“EAT”).

candle sticks and herb box

The candlesticks and planters may possibly be my favorite part of the entire project-so fun and easy for the kids to make!  The candlesticks were constructed from one porch spindle, purchased for about $2.50, and topped off with scrap wood for the tops and bottoms, and a simple nail on top to keep the candles in place.  The planters were made from two fence pieces, and only about $2 each.  We then painted, and sanded them for an added touch of rustic charm!

big picThe table was the big find of the project.  Originally, the plan was to build a farm-house table, but this garage-sale-find picnic table came in handy instead.  It turned out to be quite a bit of work (termites had to be eradicated, and two legs replaced), but well worth it, and with Rustoleum to match the other pieces, it worked out perfectly!

My hubby was “over-whelmed” (his words), so much fun family time to come…but now for the back story…

papa and brayden working

parker and payton building the candle sticks

delaney scraping paint

grandpa and parker

delaney  working

These kiddos can be very proud of their hard work!!!

big pic

Time to enjoy!

Injecting Compassion into a Self Centered Generation

Every once in a while, a story generated through the media will have an intense impact on me.  This past summer there were a couple of stories that grabbed at my heart-strings.  The most recent, certainly had the greatest effect on me.  After mulling around the details for about a week, I have finally decided to put my thoughts into print and share them with you. I’m a little hesitant to do this, because I may enter some “controversial waters”, and that is something I do not relish doing.  As I’m sure you realize, I am an extremely conservative girl, so that will be reflected as I share with you.  However, I think that all of my readers, conservative and liberal alike will be able to agree with the heart of the point I will attempt to make.

Let me share with you the picture that is haunting me, and that has moved me to write this article.

There she is-a lady twenty weeks pregnant with twin girls.  This is an actual picture of her the day she approached the Orlando Women’s Center this summer,on the one day of the week that the facility offers late-term abortions, according to Kelly Clinger, who wrote the original article. Now hold on, liberal friends, you will soon see that this is not an “abortion article”.  Just give me a moment to explain and see where I’m going with this…

Well, are you curious as to why she was seeking this abortion?  I was, after all, most media outlets tell us on a regular basis that these types of abortions are only necessary in life-threatening situations for the mother-right?  Or perhaps she had just found out that something was irreparably wrong with her children (again,not something I would feel comfortable with). So, immediately, I began quickly to scan the article for the reason..and then I found it.  I stared at the page in dis-belief.  Her reason? She already had little girls, and she found out that the babies were girls.  SHE WAS ENDING THEIR LIFE BECAUSE THEY WERE GIRLS!!!??? Yes, that’s right.  No threat to her life, no sickness or disablity…just the wrong sex.

As I think about this particular woman, and her actions, I have come to some conclusions I would like to share with you.  It is my opinion that this lady did not have this abortion because she was liberal.  Neither do I believe that she had this abortion because she was a feminist and was trying to prove some “pro-choice” point. This lady did not even have this abortion because she was in a disparaging situation with no way out.  I would like to suggest to you that this woman, simply did what she probably had been doing for years…she made this decision because “she didn’t care”- about anything but what brought her gratification.  If she didn’t want the babies, she could have easily aborted them at an earlier point in their developement (again, I am entirely against abortion, but bear with me for the sake of this point), but she DID want them-if they were boys.  For this reason, she allowed these little babies to develop to the point that their tissues, nerves, and muscles were all developed enough that they would sharply feel pain, simply because she wanted them if they were boys;  yet she admitted that she didn’t care about any of this, because they were girls.  People offered financial help. She didn’t care.  People offered to adopt the girls with all expenses paid.  She didn’t care. They were going to feel everything, like a surgery without anesthesia. She didn’t care. Her decision was not made because she believed in abortion. Her decision was made because she didn’t care…about anything.

And that’s where we are as a society, with many young people coming of age who simply Do Not Care.  Only if it affects them, do they have any opinion. Let’s look at another pic, shall we?

This sweet little Grandma is sixty-eight year old Karen Klein, a school bus monitor from New York City. Karen was simply doing her job when she became a victim of bullying by (gasp) middle school boys.  The boys mocked her, taunted her, and bullied her relentlessly, until she finally broke down and cried.  This story only became news because someone captured then entire event on their phone and then put it on YouTube.  Now, I have a middle school son, and my mother is in the same age range, so this story hit me like a ton of bricks! The school district punished the boys appropriately, and Karen is doing better than ever.  Thousands of kind-hearted individuals from all around the country donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Karen was able to retire, go on a dream vacation, and even start a foundation to prevent bullying.  Lovely.  Problem solved-Right?  Wrong.

You see, this problem of a generation of self-serving children and young adults who simply do not care about the needs of others, or even seem to be aware of their pain, is larger than two dead babies or one bullied Grandma.  And further more, I believe it is preventable.  Not entirely preventable, there is no way to put a “heart of gold” into every child everywhere, I realize that simply is not possible.  However, what if we as parents woke up for a moment, after all, aren’t most of us sleep walking through the day-to-day? One game to the next, one school day or homework assignment to the next, one work-day to the next, one Sunday church service to the next.

Compassion is natural for some people.  They are born with it.  Many are not.  Let me share with you an example of someone born with compassion.  My oldest son Brayden is a good example of this.  He is now in middle school, but I can still remember his compassion for disabled people all the way back in Kindergarten.  Brayden came home terribly upset toward the beginning of his Kindergarten year. There was a little girl in his class-room, who was legally blind. She wore thick glasses, and even with these glasses, this little girl could barely see. One day, apparently a little boy grabbed her glasses off of her face, broke them and threw them into the rocks.  Well, this little girl couldn’t see, and when it was time to line up, she couldn’t tell which line was hers.  She accidentally got in the wrong line, and for a while, the class didn’t know where she was.  She was soon reunited with her own class-room, but the memory of this incident lived with Brayden for years.  I am convinced that his depth of compassion for disabled children was birthed through his feelings of horror over this memory.  Shortly after this happened, he spent his beloved Kindergarten “center time” constructing a class craft for this same little girl. Why?  Because the “glasses incident” and the compassion he had felt through that incident had begun to shape him as a caring individual.

Now, like I said, not every child is born with compassion, and those are the children that I am writing about in this article.  That is where our responsibility as Parents comes in, to teach our children.  There were nearly twenty children in that class-room with that little girl who’s glasses were broken, likely most of them didn’t even know what happened-they were just having a fun recess.  A good friend of mine, laughs as she shares with me that her children wouldn’t notice if “a dead monkey were swinging in front of their face”.  I have one of those kids too, and as a parent, I have enjoyed “showing” this child moments of compassion.  Deuteronomy 11:19 encourages us to..”teach..your children…when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, and when you lie down and when you get up..” -Teachable Moments.

I think it’s time for another picture.  Meet Jansen.  What an amazing boy.  I am so thankful for Jansen.  I hope his family realizes how many people are touched by Jansen, how many hearts of compassion have been formed as he talks, laughs, and wheels that little machine of his around.

Every year our community has the opportunity to come out to Dodge for a Cause, and enjoy an invigorating day of dodge ball to raise money for Jansen and his life adventures.  This year the proceeds were used to help pay for his new motorized wheel chair, and for days we were blessed with updates about Jansen’s trip to the city to pick up his new chair, and hilarious footage of Jansen wheeling around his new “vehicle”, his laughter ringing through the room, as the video played.

These, my friends, are life moments.  Teachable moments.  Hearts of compassion are built in these moments.  If we take the time to share these moments with our children, they too will have hearts of compassion.  They too will care.

I’d like to leave you with one last story, a story about Timmy. Sixteen year old Timmy.  His parent’s only son.  I never knew Timmy, we moved into town the week he died tragically in a car accident.  Timmy’s parents and his only sister, Michelle lived and breathed his memory for the year and a half I knew them, but there was one story that has always stood out to me.  One story that still speaks to me, and I have shared this with my own children (teachable moments).  Timmy was a very good-looking boy, and he was very successful in Soccer.  He was a true athlete, and very popular.  That’s why it was a bit of a surprise to the family what happened when Timmy died.  It must have been difficult beyond words to face the day of their only son’s funeral, but they received a gift they weren’t expecting.  One by one, mentally challenged teenagers, physically challenged teenagers, and even socially challenged teenagers began filing by crying-all of them saying nearly the same thing-that Timmy was one of the only people that they knew that was kind to them. Apparently, this young athlete, cool beyond measure, also had a heart of gold.  He was kind to those less fortunate-and not just kind…it turned out that Timmy had stood up for these kids when others bullied them.  One boy said, “Timmy was my only friend…”  Wow!  You see, without even realizing it, Timmy’s family had raised him to care, and care he did. What a memory.

And that, my friends, conservative and liberal alike, is my challenge for you-and for me.  I challenge you to find the teachable moments, and work to raise a new, caring generation.  What a difference we can make, if one by one we send young people out into the world who have compassion.  Because as we all know, children grow into teenagers, and before we know it, teenagers grow into adults.  Just turn around, and they too will be raising children and, if we’ve done our job well, they will be looking for teachable moments, and raising kids who do care for their fellow-man.

My Big Decision


My sweet little babies…I remeber the day this picture was taken.  The boys were 5,6 & 8 years old, and Delaney was only one.   It seems like forever ago, although it’s only four years ago. One might say that the phrase “They grow up too fast” is oversaid, but lately I’m really identifying with that statement.   My little Delaney will be off to Kindergarten in just two days, and Brayden, my oldest, will be in 7th grade.  Payton and Parker will be in 4th and 5th-still children, I know, but the moments are fleeting! Moments that I began to realize, I was missing.

I was so excited, several years ago, when after years and years of babysitting and being home with teensy, tiny little people, I was hired to work at the very school my children go to.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me, and eye opening in many ways.  I loved getting to know the very ladies who had had such an impact in my children’s lives.  I actually felt like I could make a difference, and for a few years, it was perfect for our family.  This last year, however, my family seemed to be transitioning, and suddenly life didn’t seem so exciting. Three boys in sports, and Delaney in gymnastics, meant that basically we were gone every night (after being gone all day).  This is where I began to be quite dissatisfied with myself.  I’ve always considered myself a very friendly and outgoing person, but as I began to be completely overwhelmed with life (and I found myself behind with nearly all of my home responsibilities) I didn’t even feel like myself.  Yikes!  I began to panic-it will only get busier…Is it really worth it?  Is making a small, supplementary income, worth not even liking myself?  Is it worth not being the kind, loving mother that my kids deserve? Is it worth driving my husband crazy by spazzing out over the house not being as organized as I would like?

And just what was I missing?


This is what I was missing…those little moments.  Those moments that are fleeting, that you can never get back.  Oh sure, I was “there” for these moments.  But I had quit enjoying them.  So that’s how I made this decision-a life changing decision to be sure.  I quit my job (a job I loved) to be a better wife & mother.  I still expect to be very involved in the school in many ways, but I’m making the sacrifice to stay home and do a better job of being me.

So later this week when four tired kids come home from school, I will be ready for them..ready with snacks…ready to help with home-work…ready to listen…ready to enjoy my kids, because after all “they won’t stay little forever”!

So that’s how this blog got started-it was on my list of “to do’s” when I had more time.  I am so excited about all of the things I’m going to be doing. I plan to explore all kinds of money saving ideas, and don’t worry-I will be sharing those with you!  I have many “how-to’s” and tutorials planned for the near future, and tons of cost saving tips (because I’m going to need them!).  Coming soon…Meals on the cheap!  Stay tuned!

Leading the Way

first parker mowing picLife with three sons can provide a rather comical existance on some days.  I’ve kind of learned to go with the flow, and enjoy all of the silly little moments.  I’m never quite sure what’s coming next, and each time one of the boys learns a new skill, I stand proud and terrified all in the same breath.  But sometimes it’s actually me that learns from these moments.  However, I must admit, I certainly never thought I would be learning anything from Parker learning to mow.

Now, in order to understand this story, you must understand Parker.  Parker is a burst of energy…all of the time: awake, asleep, while eating, pitching the baseball, playing….absolutely anything Parker does is full force. He certainly adds alot of drama to the family, and we have learned to love his drama. He is precious to us. Before Parker, the term ADHD didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I had a friend when I was a teenager who had ADHD, and everyone absolutely loved him. As an adult, that individual has been extoardinarily successful-he seems to have something extra about him that drives him to strive for more than the rest of society. I do remember that friend, in his teenage years, being quite the risk taker. That’s my Parker. He doesn’t just jump-he FLIES! What a funny boy.

Fast forward to the day Daddy decided it was time for Parker to drive the riding lawn mower…OH MY! Even my extremely cautious and responsible Brayden had issues with the riding lawn mower. He got stuck in reverse when he was first learning, and almost backed off of a hill! My mind was full of horror. I could just see Parker accidentally mowing over a brother or sister, driving through the woods and crashing. I just said a prayer and decided to hide in the house and clean. It made me too nervous, so I just decided to trust my husband with him. But after a while, I just had to peek…

And there I saw one of the most precious sights I’ve ever seen. Parker and his Daddy going round and round and round the yard together. Daddy leading the way, Parker following. Now this wouldn’t have been necessary for my other sons, but with Parker’s fleeting attention span, his Dad knew he needed to be patient with him.

As I watched them going around…and around…I couldn’t help but think of the patience our Heavenly Father has with us. It must be a real trip teaching us life lessons…some of us aren’t so great at paying attention. But HE doesn’t give up. He is persistent. He is patient. He is with us until we DO learn what it is we need to learn. (Psalm 73:23-24) “You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel.”

As I took one last look at Father and son, I was now in tears. This strong and not so emotional Dad had just exemplified compassion and patience in a way his son would never forget. And in this moment, I’d learned a little something too.

Is There a Happily Ever After?

Fifteen years ago tonight was a very busy night.  Decorating, eating steak cooked to perfection, enjoying my friends and family,practicing walking down the aisle of the church, spending one last night as “Jill Tracy”.  The very next day I would be marrying the most wonderful man in the world!

The next two and a half years were fabulous…more decorating, first an apartment, then a cute little duplex, and then a baby’s room.  Beautiful Brayden entered our lives, and we were off to the things fairy tales were made of…and then it happened…LIFE hit us like a grenade explosion in the middle of a quiet, sun-lit garden. One entire year of horrid…and horrid it was!  You’ve seen it, when horrid explodes all over a marriage, but what happens next is what separates the weak from the strong.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to walk away and start over fresh? Well now, just remember this, you take yourself along.  So how “fresh” is it really, if you take half of the problem with you? An amazing godly woman, who was married for decades to a devoted man, gave me some very wise advice.  she cautioned me to realized that divorce is no party.  There is no such thing as starting over fresh.  No new start. After all, nothing would be the same.  All family relationships would be ruined. Parent/ child, grandparent/ child…nothing would be the same.  Every other weekend?  Every other holiday?  Seriously? Wow!  This starting over fresh thing was starting to sound “not so fresh” after all.

So, what to do?  Well, I’d always believed in marriage, always believed that God in HIS sovereignty could hold together what was HIS to begin with. And that’s where all of the “miracle people” came in.  They began to come forward  one by one, people who had gone through their own brand of horrid…and survived.  But, survive? Is that really what anyone wants…just to survive?  OF COURSE NOT!  These couples weren’t people who were just making it through day by day-they were incredibly happy, deeply in love people!  And that’s when we began to believe it might be possible…

And possible it was…we began to climb up out of the pit to a beautiful place, a happy marriage.  And the years began to go by…three more babies…a new house…and we celebrated each event, knowing where we had come from.  So many beautiful memories.  Murlin started hunting, and yes, we celebrate each deer!  The boys began to play sports..ALOT of sports, and yes,their Daddy coaches almost everything.  The holidays are spent with both of our parents and all of our children-together.

And all of this brings us to the present, because you see, tomorrow my hubby and I will be celebrating FIFTEEN years of marriage.  And not just any marriage-we didn’t just “survive”.  A beautiful marriage, filled with love and laughter, enjoying each-other, our children, our parents…and all of it together!

So I guess it’s time to answer that little question…that one at the top of the post…”Is there a happily ever after?”  And my answer for you? Yes…but only for the strong.  But the good news is…anyone can be strong…if they choose to be!

Hello world!

Hello!  Welcome to my world!  Sometimes it’s a pretty crazy world, but here’s a little bit of info about myself…

So I consider myself a down-to-earth girl from Kansas who’s all grown up & still doesn’t  have it all figured out.  But a few things I am sure of:

1) The Creator of the Universe is Lord of my life.

2) My hubby of 15 years is priceless & worth every single thing we’ve gone through together.

3) Having four crazy (and wonderful) kids is definitely better than being an only child

4) Parents (blood & in-laws) are worth their weight in GOLD.

5) In a family of 6 “WATCH OUT”!!! Anything could happen next!

I’m glad you’re on this ride with me…so much to share…so many laughs to come…