Our exciting crew:

This is 12yr. old Parker.  He’s a determined, funny, loud, honest, burst of energy.  This is the kid you need if you’re ever trapped in a fire or in danger-He always comes to the rescue-no matter the cost to himself…amazing kid!

This is 11 year old Payton.  He’s our “party in a box”…so cute & huggable…everyone’s grandma wants to hug him-not just his own!  He has worked very hard to earn the title of annoying little brother- My little “Paytie Cake”.

And yes, here is the biggest brother in the family, Brayden(13).  Responsible since birth, always concerned about doing the right thing.  He’s always watching out for those less fortunate, truly an amazing heart of compassion-my wonderful Brayden.

brayden football in hand

And after all of those boys, yes we got Delaney (6.  She certainly can hold her own, but she does it with dress-up outfits, hair-bows, and arm-fulls of dolls.  She completes us well-Princess Delaney.

precious pic

Our wonderful children



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